Save money money


Comworld has a track record of providing quality software for our customers at a reasonable price. We believe that a large part of this success is due to the professional approach adopted by our developers.

We aim to provide a "complete" approach, taking care to cover all aspects of the development such as requirements and testing. In this way, we can best deliver the "right" product to a customer. How many times have you received a product that is not what you wanted and that is not robust? There is another way - give us a ring.

In addition, we believe that we can offer cost savings to our customers because:

  • reduced customer recruitment costs as a result the of long term support offerred by Comworld, since there is less need to continually recruit/hire new resources
  • the quality of work provided by Comworld should reduce the long term software maintenance costs
  • software can be developed off the customer's site reducing the building and space costs
  • dealing directly with us will usually be more cost effective than hiring contract engineers through agencies, since the agency overhead is removed.