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Comworld specialises in software development and related consultancy. We have experience of working in the telecommunications, finance and defence market sectors utilising a broad range of technical skills including Java/J2EE, C++, middleware, and data communications.

We can provide the following services:

  • Supply of software developers
    Comworld can supply experienced software engineers to work on customer projects. This can be either on and/or off the client's premises.
  • Supply of software-related consultancy services
    Comworld can supply consultants for areas where we have specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Software development
    Comworld will develop software components for clients either on or off the client site. Normally this is undertaken after a relationship has been built up with a client and the client development practices and requirements are clearly understood. In this way we can be sure to deliver the product that the client requires.
  • Long term client support
    Comworld can offer support contracts to clients for work that has been performed by us.

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