Why Choose us? choice


Since Comworld was established in 1995 we have an excellent track record of providing quality software develoment for our customers. This has been rewarded by Comworld receiving many repeat orders.

We pride ourselves on our professional and mature approach. We aim to build a long term relationship with our clients so that our expertise can be made available over a extended period. We believe this is particularly important because:

  • companies may be vulnerable to a loss of their own skills base, especially in an active job market
  • customers may be able to employ less staff
  • this lessens the planning difficulties of knowledge transfer from subcontract engineers to those of the client, since this can be done over an extended period

Our experience of software development is that projects may often run into difficulties because basic software principles are overlooked. This may take the form of working with ambiguous requirements to failure to test new software adequately. Our experienced software engineers possess a combination of good technical skills and knowledge of the complete software development process. We feel this combination of skills reduces customer risk when developing software components.